Our Dog Trainers

Joanne Oh

Joanne Oh loves for dogs lead her to started training her own dogs a few years back. She has participated in many dog competitions and won Obedience dog of the year in 2015 and Under the training and guidance of Star Dog Trainer Mr. Patrick Wong, her maltese appeared in TV drama shows working with local celebrities like Perrier Pang, Lee Nan Xing, Rui En, Chen Liping and Silver Ang as well as TV commercials.

Dog Training builds up strong bonds between owner and their dogs and She wants to help others to experience this bonding too, bringng both owners and dogs together. With the correct training method, all dogs are trainable. She is also a PA trainer under People’s Association.

Christine Poh

Christine made her debut with Waggies, under the guidance of Singapore’s Star Dog Trainer, Mr Patrick Wong, after attaining her certification from Animal Behavioral College in USA.

She has had experience with dogs at the tender age of 5 and has trained many types of dogs in both group and private setting. Her personal belief when it comes to dogs is “a trained dog is a happy dog”.

She is a balanced trainer and is adept at both inductive and compulsive training to suit the dog and owner’s preference. In addition, she naturally exudes positive energy that gives her an edge in dog handling.

Melvin Gan

Melvin’s passion and love for dogs led him to an interest in dog training at a young age. In his National Service days, he had gone through the military police dog handler course and was posted to the army K9 unit. He has handled german shepherds and malinois dogs in obedience and attack dog training. Melvin is currently under the training and mentoring of Singapore’s renown dog trainer, Patrick Wong.

Currently pursuing his degree in psychology, Melvin believes that the understanding of both human and dog behaviour is crucial in dog training. He affirms that proper conditioning and reinforcements’ methods are necessary in training up well-balanced and obedient dogs.

Patrick Koh

Because of his love for dogs, Patrick became a volunteer with a non-profit dog organization, Mercylight Ltd, since 2012.  Patrick also conducts training sessions for the Mercylight volunteers and their shelter dogs as statistics have shown that human interaction and exercise help reduce stress levels and contribute to the shelter dogs overall wellbeing.

He and his wife adopted their dog through this organization 4 years ago and that was when he started training under Waggies’ star dog trainer.  His dog has appeared on stage at the Cesar Milan show and was also featured in one of the Subaru ads which was aired on National Geographic.  Patrick is a certified People’s Association trainer as well.

Veronica Tan

Veronica is a dog lover and has been a volunteer with Mercylight Ltd,  a non-profit dog organization, since 2012.  Mercylight volunteers help to feed, rescue, sterilize, rehabilitate and rehome stray dogs.  Having adopted one of these strays herself, she is committed to helping others be responsible dog owners and for the dogs to be socially acceptable in public places.  Believing that all dogs, even mongrels, can be trained, Veronica is also actively involved in training the Mercylight volunteers and shelter dogs.

Veronica has appeared on stage with Cesar Milan in 2014 and her dog has been featured in one of the Subaru ads which was aired on National Geographic.  She has 4 years of dog training experience under the guidance of Patrick Wong, one of Singapore’s most notable dog trainers, and is herself a certified People’s Association trainer.