How to Select the Right Kind of Doggie Daycare

Considering doggie daycare can be an extensive process, and it’s easy to choose the wrong facility if you don’t know what to look for. The wrong doggie daycare facility could become a disastrous affair, and lead to behavior problems or even worse. This can be especially true if this is the first time your dog has been away from you for any extended periods of time, or if your canine companion is not a well socialized one.

Many of these facilities can also offer dog training programs that can help you enjoy your relationship with your canine companion. When a doggy walker or a sitter won’t work for your situation, and you need to find the best doggie daycare facility for your pet, these ten steps can help you make an informed decision.


It seems simple enough but many dog owners overlook the simple fact that the facilities must be large enough to house and entertain your dog. Superior doggy daycares will have the room and toys to keep your dog entertained and encourage socialization.


There needs to be several layers of checks here for all dogs in the daycare. Without the proper proof of vaccination, you run the risk of several illnesses, from parvo, rabies or bordatella.

Social Management

If your dog loves socializing with others, you want to make sure that your pet is safe and in a controlled environment. There should be a spray bottle or even hose to break up potential problems, and at least one staffer on hand during open play sessions.


The smell and appearance of the doggy day care should give you a good idea of how clean and well maintained the daycare is. Keeping the facility clean goes a long way in preventing disease and promoting good canine health.


Asking the staff can give you a good idea of how the doggy day care is operated, because this is a big factor for all dog owners. There should be dedicated rest and play sessions, and scheduled walks so that your dog doesn’t forget what housetraining is.


Extensive screening and applications forms are a good sign that the doggy day care you have chosen is the right one. These questions may seem hypersensitive or overly intrusive, but you should be glad that all dog owners must go through this process. You wouldn’t want an aggressive dog or a problem one slipping through the cracks of the pre-screening process.

Special needs

If your dog has any allergies or special requirements, the best doggy day care facilities will have the staff to support you. Many other daycares will offer grooming or other services that can really give your dog the special care he or she needs.

Play Groups

This can be a huge factor if your dog is a smaller one, because you want the proper supervision in place in the event of an aggressive dog. Play groups should be broken up by size and temperament, so ask your doggie day care staff the right questions.


You want your dog in a loving and caring environment, and the staff is the biggest contributor. Observe the staff and how they interact with the dogs, for a good idea of how caring and affectionate the staff is. Professional dog trainers can also give you a big benefit at many facilities, making a doggie day care center great for keeping your dog house trained.


Many doggie day care centers now combine many aspects of technology into their services, from web cams and spa like services to dog training and dog obedience classes. Web cams can give you a quick way to check in on your best friend while you are away, and can provide a measure of comfort and peace of mind.