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5 Valuable Tips on Training your Dog

Have you ever wondered why your dog progresses very slow in his training scheme, or perhaps you are unable to follow through and see results on certain tricks you are teaching him? Well, here are some valuable tips you can ledge on when it comes to training your dog. It is not the perfect answer […]

Dog Sports: Yay or Nay?

There was little documentation on the aspects of formal dog obedience training or sports prior to the first world war, largely because dogs were generally taken to be family members that had important roles to play. This included herding of livestock, protection of property, personal protection, pulling of both sleds and carts. However, these dogs […]

Excellent Tips in Toilet Training your Dog

Toilet training for dogs has been commonly discussed and has been known to give owners the most “headache”. The idea of your dog having to pee on carpets, the sides of curtains or even on your living room sofa has caused much distress. Here is the good news: the problem can be solved! This article […]

Reinforcements all gone wrong…

Certain actions by dog owners have unknowingly led to the detrimental behaviour and welfare of dogs. What was thought to give their dogs optimal level of assurance and positivity have in turned encouraged negative behaviour. Common practices include: picking up the innocently excited puppy whenever the door bell rings; reassuring the overly enthusiastic and jumping […]

How to begin running your dog on a leash

When you are ready to begin your journey of running with your dog, it can often be a stressful time, especially for first time dog owners in Singapore. The constant hustle and bustle of the city can provide many distractions for your dog, whether you are looking for a dog trainer in Singapore or not. […]

How Dog Leashes can Curb Aggressive Behavior

Man’s best friend has been one of the most common pets and companions for many people from all walks of life. Despite that fact however, there are circumstances and scenarios where dog bites can be a real problem or situation. No matter how well behaved your dog may be, there’s always a chance that he […]

How to Select the Right Kind of Doggie Daycare

Considering doggie daycare can be an extensive process, and it’s easy to choose the wrong facility if you don’t know what to look for. The wrong doggie daycare facility could become a disastrous affair, and lead to behavior problems or even worse. This can be especially true if this is the first time your dog […]