Dog Training Singapore

Reasons why you should send your dog for obedience classes:

    • Endless distractions increase your dog’s focusing power: In a familiar environment, you can easily teach your dog some basic obedience commands. However, it is difficult to create real time distractions at home. The obedience classes will teach your dog to sit and to heel on leash in distracting environments. 
    • It helps to socialise your dog: It is very important for your dog to meet with other dogs because it develops his social skills. If your dog goes for obedience classes, he will meet with many dogs of different energy levels. This creates opportunities for your dog to be conditioned and to posit a well-balanced energy level so as to not overreact in the presence of other dogs. 
    • Other family members can also learn about dog training: dog obedience classes provide different members in the family with a chance to be familiar with their dog’s behaviour and the proper training methods that ought to be adopted during reward or correction.
    • There is always something new to learn about dog training: it is a journey whereby you will always pick up appropriate training methods, and disregard the improper approaches. Every dog trainer, owner, and dogs themselves are a source of invaluable teachings.  
    • Gives you additional motivation to train your dog: progressive training and observing your dog’s improvement over the weeks can propel you to work towards a higher standard of obedience training. Many who have initially decided to train their dogs to learn about the basics have gone on to participate in dog sporting competitions. 

The earlier you train your dog, the earlier you’ll benefit from the training.

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Does training cover behavioural problems?

Our obedience training classes also address behavioural problems faced by dog owners. Some of the common behavioural problems include the following:

    • House breaking / toilet training: this is the most common problem faced by first time dog owners & their new puppies.
    • Barking: this can be a nuisance to neighbours. Many dogs are given up because of excessive barking.
    • Dogs behaving uncontrollably when walking on a leash can pose danger to themselves and their owners.
    • Dog aggression can be a stressful problem for many dog owners.


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